Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Paoli, PA

Anyone can suffer a dental emergency; however, the risk is higher for dental patients who have recently undergone oral surgery or treatment for an oral bacterial infection. Head or jaw injuries may also require emergency dental treatment. Awareness of life-threatening dental symptoms is essential for receiving immediate and proper treatment. Emergency dentistry in Paoli, PA is crucial for any symptoms of uncontrolled oral bleeding, or if an injury or swelling impacts breathing or threatens to block someone’s airway. These symptoms are critical and must be addressed immediately by proper professionals. Dentist of Paoli provides emergency dentistry near you.

Need for Emergency Dental Services

Like a medical emergency, a dental emergency is considered any circumstances in which ignoring or postponing professional treatment can result in life-threatening circumstances. This includes:
  • Uncontrolled and/or excessive oral bleeding
  • Swelling inside or outside the mouth due to infection affecting a person’s breathing or airway
  • Trauma or injury to head or jaw affecting a person’s breathing or airway
If you are experiencing symptoms that require emergency dentistry, call our dentists in Paoli, PA for help. Be sure to keep Dentist of Paoli’s contact information in a visible and accessible place. Getting proper help is crucial so that the exact method of treatment is administered to alleviate any life-threatening symptoms.

Emergency Dentistry in Paoli, PA

If you find yourself in a dental emergency, our dentists near you will attend to any critical symptoms immediately. Treatment may include medication for pain relief and/or antibiotics to fight infection, methods to reduce oral swelling, and treatment of trauma to facial bones or teeth, including extractions if necessary. If you or a family member are at a higher risk of bleeding or infection, it’s essential to understand how to obtain proper dental services in an emergency. Relying on traditional medical emergency services may delay or interfere with specific dental emergency treatment. If any oral symptoms are present that include uncontrolled bleeding or compromised breathing, call immediately for emergency dentistry in Paoli, PA. Contact Dentist of Paoli to understand more about emergency dentistry near you. In addition, it’s important to follow up with our professionals if you have received emergency oral care.