Children’s Dentistry

Children's Dentistry in Paoli, PA

Establishing excellent oral health practices in children helps them maintain lifelong, healthy gums and teeth. Our dentists in Paoli, PA provide oral care for your kids. A visit to our clinic ensures that you and your kid feel comfortable and safe during your treatment. We also provide ways to give your kid good oral practices at home. At Dentist of Paoli, we set the foundation for your kids’ oral health.

What to Expect in Your Kid’s Appointment?

When you bring your kid to our dental office in Paoli, PA, our dentists will examine the kid’s jaw, teeth, and gums to see if there could be issues of concern. We also do X-rays to further check for suspicious dental issues that are not visible with our eyes.

Our kids’ dental services include:

Dental cleaning – Our hygienists or dentist will clean your kid’s mouth, including the teeth, gums, tongue, and all mouth areas, to remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Tooth bonding – For issues such as cracked or chipped teeth, we can use tooth-colored resin to repair the damages and restore the tooth. Dental sealants – Our dentists in Paoli, PA, apply sealants on the grooves or chewing surfaces of teeth to shield them against elements like acids, food particles, and bacteria plaque. Tooth fillings – We place fillings on cavitated teeth of kids. Dental crowns – A kid’s tooth with a big cavity may require crowning if a filling material cannot work. Mouthguards – The American Dental Association says that kids who participate in athletics should wear a mouthguard. This oral appliance helps prevent damage like knocked out or broken teeth. Our dentists create and fit custom mouthguards for your kids. Root canal treatment – We do root canal treatment for kids if an infection has spread to areas of the tooth’s root. Performing this treatment helps save the tooth and prevent the need for extracting it. Call Dentist of Paoli today to speak to our dentists near you who are well-trained in offering kids dental care in a child-friendly environment!