Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Paoli, PA

If a chipped, cracked, or misshapen tooth is making your smile unattractive, our trained dentists near you can restore the tooth to its original shape and size with custom-fitted dental crowns. In case of extensive damage, we may need to perform a root canal or, in extreme cases, an extraction. Regular dental visits and consistent oral hygiene can help you preserve your natural teeth for a longer time.

What Crowns Are and Who Needs Them

Crowns are personalized and permanent restorations designed with a hollow in the center to be placed like a cap over the visible portion of your tooth. A crown can cover the damaged tooth from the gum line to the crown. Dental crowns in Paoli, PA can also be attached to implants to replace missing teeth. Implant-supported crowns replace the entire tooth, including the roots below the gum line and visible structure. Crowns are a lasting and reliable solution used to correct a wide range of problems. Dental crowns can:
  • Hold a broken or weakened tooth together
  • Increase length on a worn-down tooth
  • Cover large cavities where there is not much structure left to support the tooth
  • Modify spaces or unsightly gaps between teeth by reshaping the tooth size and shape
  • Support dental bridges
  • Restore strength to a tooth after root canal treatment
Dental crowns not only improve the appearance of the tooth and increase its functionality but also protect it from further damage.

Important Factors to Consider Before Placing a Crown

Before starting the dental crown procedure, our experienced dentists in Paoli, PA will first evaluate your oral cavity, which may include taking x-rays. If there is very little tooth structure, our dentists at Dentist of Paoli may decide to place a core filling made of composite resin or metal to increase stability. Single-appointment dental crowns near you can be fabricated using our advanced CEREC® machine system in just a couple of hours while you wait. If you want to replace gaps in your dentition, please contact Dentist of Paoli to discuss restorative options with our skilled dentists.