Should You Eat Before or After a Dentist Appointment?

Should You Eat Before or After a Dentist Appointment?

August 1, 2023

We should go for regular dental checkups at least once every six months. The dentist performs dental exams and cleanings during dental checkups to ensure that your gums and teeth are in optimal condition. If there is an oral problem, the dentist can schedule another appointment to perform a dental procedure to fix the problem.

One question concerning many dental patients is whether you should eat before or after the appointment. Fortunately, we’ve got the answer to this question and more.

When You Can Eat Before Dentist Appointments?

Previously, many dentists argued that patients should not eat 5 hours before an appointment. Fortunately, that changed, and many dentists agree that you should eat something before going to the appointment.

Here are some of the benefits of eating before a dental appointment:

  • It helps manage other conditions- people with diabetes cannot go for a long time without eating something. Therefore, it is good for them to eat before a dental procedure. On the other hand, even without managing a condition, failing to eat can affect your blood sugar levels, causing lightheadedness.
  • More relaxed- going without eating to the dental clinic may make you uncomfortable. However, taking a meal high in protein will make you feel satiated for a long time, and this makes you feel energized and relaxed.
  • Eases the process- when you go for an extended period without eating, your saliva glands create more saliva. The excess saliva can hinder a dental procedure like tooth bonding or filling.

Although eating before a dental checkup is advisable, you should ensure you clean your teeth properly afterward. Failure to do so might make it challenging for the dentist to examine your teeth, as lodged food debris may conceal a tooth cavity.

What Foods Should I Avoid Before a Dental Visit?

It would help if you made an intelligent choice regarding the foods you want to eat before going to the dentist in Paoli. Some of the foods that you should avoid taking before a dental appointment include:

Crunchy or stringy foods– examples of stringy or crunchy foods include popcorn, beef jerky, and crackers, which are known to stick between teeth. It can take some time to brush and floss these foods between your teeth, giving the dental hygienist more work to remove them.

Citrus beverages and foods– drink a glass of orange or lemon juice before your dental appointment. Unfortunately, you won’t be happy about the unpleasant taste in your mouth when the dentist puts a polishing paste in your mouth. Besides that, citrus foods and drinks can weaken your tooth enamel. Remember, reharden once the acid has been washed away takes around half an hour. If dental cleaning starts before enamel rehardening, there’s a chance of permanent enamel damage.

Can You Eat Immediately After a Dental Appointment?

This question depends on what dental procedure you’ve undergone. Dentist 19301 advises against eating immediately after a dental procedure with local anesthesia. Why? Because it takes some time before the anesthesia wears out, and eating immediately after the procedure may lead to the damage of the soft tissues in your mouth through chewing as you feel no pain.

However, you can eat immediately after the procedure for regular dental exams and cleanings. If the dentist performs a fluoride treatment after dental cleaning, you should wait at least 30 minutes before eating. This is because the fluoride has to be absorbed into the teeth’s surface, which takes some time.

What Other Things Should You Avoid Before Visiting the Dentist?

  • Alcohol- some people might consider taking alcohol before a dental appointment to deal with the anxiety. Unfortunately, taking alcohol might affect the prescriptions that the dentist may administer after the dental procedure.
  • Smoking- you should avoid smoking several hours before a dental visit. It can hinder the healing process after a procedure, and some people are extremely repulsed by the smell of tobacco, which might hinder a dental procedure.
  • Avoid contact lenses- contact lenses should not be worn before dental surgery. You will be put to sleep during dental surgery, meaning your eyes will be closed for an extended period. The contact lenses can cause hypoxia or dry, itchy eyes.

A dental appointment is not something anyone fancies. Fortunately, now you know what to eat and avoid before a dental visit. If you have a dental problem affecting your quality of life and your smile, visit the Dentist of Paoli. We focus on keeping our patients happy during and after a dental procedure. So, don’t hesitate to visit us today.